Baring It All – Plano Balloon HM Race Goals

I may as well be standing naked before you right now, because that’s the way it feels to me when I write these types of posts!  But I’m running Plano Balloon Half Marathon this weekend and the race goals must be published!

If you really know me, you know that I don’t like hanging my hopes and dreams out for everyone to see.    Publishing and acknowledging my race goals (or any goal, for that matter) is difficult for me.  However, since I started blogging last year before Dallas Marathon, I have been working to be more transparent and open with these types of things (that was one of my main goals for starting the blog in the first place).  And if you knew me or read my race goals and recap during that time period, you know that I threw my race goals out there and fell miserably short on a couple of them.  I am happy to report that I have succeeded in making myself extremely uncomfortable, though, which means that I am at least meeting the goals I set for blogging.

I find myself at this stomach-churning crossroads once again as I face another race this Sunday.  I still find it painfully difficult to announce my goals, even if only 5 people read my blog.  I mean, coming off an injury should relieve some of the pressure, right?? Wrong.  The real struggle, for me, is admitting to the masses my pace goals for the race.  No runner has ever made me feel like less of a runner for not being fast, yet I allow myself to feel less because I’m not that fast.  Heck, I even feel like an idiot for ending up with a big ITB injury AND stress fracture within one year’s time frame.  <insert uncomfortable silence here>

<BIG GULP>  Here goes nothing.

The “Shoulds”

should want to run a feel-good race.

I should want to enjoy the course and take in the sights.

should want to run a race that won’t risk further injury.

should be happy that I am able to run this race at all, because two months ago I was almost certain it would NOT happen.

But I’ve never been very good with should.  

In reality…

I would really like the temps to be cloudy and in the 60s. (Go ahead and laugh.)

I would really like to kick this race course in the arse.

I would really like to attack the hills (You’re right, I probably will attack the hills anyway 🙂

I would really like to match my HM PR of 2:14 for this race.  I am faster than when I ran that 2:14 but….stress fracture.

I should probably add that I would like to start off slow, but I’m still me, so why waste my energy?  And we know how I am with should. 

In the end, though, I am genuninely excited to be racing again!  Even before the injury plague, I had been looking forward to this race.  Hopefully, I’ll be writing a glowing race recap on Sunday afternoon!

Until next time ~