How you know it’s Summer: Runner Edition

Since I have 8 more hours of work until my Summer vacation begins (and extends through August 5, I might add), I started thinking about the ways in which we recognize the seasonal change from Spring to Summer.

This year in Texas, Mother Nature literally flipped the switch on June 1.  For my town in May, average temps were in the 70s, it rained 24 out of 31 days, and we received almost 18 inches of rain.   Beginning June 1, the sun has shined brightly every single day with temps in the 90s and we haven’t received any rain.

Gotta love that Texas sun!
Gotta love that Texas sun!

If you are a runner, here’s how you know that summer has finally arrived:

  • You add a strength workout for the sole purpose of being able to carry all the water you will need on your run.
  • You buy Body Glide (or in my case, Vaseline) in bulk.
  • Runner’s tan.
  • You consider sacrificing your firstborn child for the mere chance of a cloud big enough to shield you from the sun, if only for a few moments.
  • Forget getting your body bikini-ready….you have to get your body ready for compression shorts and sports bra because it is too hot for a shirt.
  • You look like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation with a trail of running clothes behind you, although you stop short of wearing your shorts on your head (but only because you are running commando).
  • You run 50 feet out of your way for a mere 10 feet of shade, or you plan your entire route running the shadiest 4-block radius in town (and call it track work).
  • It’s the only time of year when, for a few brief moments, water is more important than coffee.
  • You sweat more than a whore in church on Sunday morning.
  • Speaking of sweat….you can’t see out of your sunglasses after mile 3 due to the sweat splatter.
  • You come out of the restroom at your convenience store “water stop” looking like you just stepped out of the shower.
  • Your race choices include the phrases “Hotter than Hell” or “Wildfire”
  • Passengers in passing cars look at you with horrified, open-mouth looks and you can only assume: you look THAT bad or they think you are THAT crazy
  • When the sun sets during your run, you sob tears of joy.Sunset after a hot run

Confession:  I’m guilty of them all!!

Happy Summer Running!

Embrace the heat!


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