Jenn Kirk is AMAZING

Hello All-

I know what you must be thinking- she is crazy AND conceded ?? 🙂 No, this is not Jennifer, this is her daughter Taylor, who hacked into her word press account. I am not a very sappy person and I am not always the most savvy with computers – but I did figure this out and I am feeling sentimental. So, my mom, “Mumzy”, as all my friend and I call her, is always making list on here… So I guess I will make one, too.


1. Who doesn’t love someone named Mumzy?

2. Look at her… she’s beautiful and looks like she is 30 ( I KNOW CRAZY, BUT SHE ISN’T) so it makes me hope I get those genes in the future.

3. She’s my #1 fan- on or off the court, she is always supporting me. No matter how crazy of an idea I come up with, she is always there to encourage and lift me up.

4. Runner— this is all I will say… you all know about the running life. Just happy to have a healthy parent

5. Food NAZI- Good and bad. Good when I am feeling fat. Bad when I am feeling a cheat day 🙂

6. Opinionated- Let me tell you guys… If you don’t agree with Mumzy you might as well just not say anything. Just kidding, but I am glad she is so liberal and passionate about so many subjects. It is what has molded me into what I am.

7. Strong- she is strong. Not only physically, but also emotionally. She is a rock to so many.

8. LOL- Literally… she is always “Laughing out Loud”. She has a very contagious laugh and because of it our home is constantly filled with the sound of laughter

9. Cool Cat- Mom is a cool cat. She always was and still is the “cool mom” that everyone of my friends loves and feels comfortable talking to her about things going on in their lives.

10. Love- the way she loves my dad, my brother, my sister and I. It gives me hope in a world that is perceived as hopeless. If one person can love the world this much, then why not everyone else?


Little throw back because I was bored, looked through some pictures, and it made me laugh. 🙂


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