Finally Friday

Every time we have a short (aka 4-day) work week, it seems twice as long.  I mean, Tuesday as Monday is much worse than a regular Monday and generally requires at least twice the coffee to survive.  When Friday comes, however, it is twice as sweet!  And this Friday is sweeter than ever, because it is effectively the last day of school!  I still have to work until June 10, but summer vacation is so close that I can taste it!!

It’s no secret that I avoid track workouts like the plague.  The one time I decided to try speed work, I ran 1600s at a wayyyy too fast pace and ended up with hamstring problems. (No need to point out the folly in that.  I have added this to my long list of running sins.)  After the hamstring debacle, I swore off speed work for good.  That is, until I found a partner who knows what he is doing and happens to really like the track workouts.  I was still riding the high of my 10k PR this week and made the mistake of admitting that I was looking forward to summer track workouts.  That’s all it took.  The rest is history.

In addition to the grueling track workout suddenly hanging over my head (because of my own big mouth) Wednesday afternoon, the sun had (finally) come out and was shining as big as Texas.  The humidity was stifling with the temps close to 90.  But I was SO happy to see the sun after the monsoons, torrential downpours and flooding that I wouldn’t DARE complain!  I was fully prepared to puke during the workout, if needed.  ๐Ÿ˜‰sun finally

We ran ladders with one lap walk/recovery in between.  Since I am just starting speed work, he had us start with 200s, then we worked our way up to 800s, running 2 of each distance.  Our pace was controlled with the goal of running each 400 at 2:15 – not far off the pace that I ran toward the end of my 10k. Had I been running them on my own, I would have pushed a lot harder to quicken the pace (which would have landed me in hammy troubles again, to be sure (who knew speed workouts don’t require you to run as fast as you possibly can?)).  He did allow me to increase my pace on the 600 and 400 to 2:00/400 when we worked our way back.  That was fun and I enjoyed that challenge at the end of the workout.

Now time for the confessional:  I really liked the track workout.  Like, REALLY!!  Hills are still my first love, but if I can’t make it to the hills the track will do ๐Ÿ™‚track

Thursday morning, I did yoga and actually felt really good!  My glutes had minimal soreness, but I didn’t experience any tightness to speak of.  Just goes to show how the proper workouts can yield such amazing results!

When I arrived at work Thursday, I had to hit the ground running.  This is the last week of school, for the most part, and my first priority was to get report cards in teacher’s boxes so they could get them ready to go home.  As I was mid-hustle and bustle, copying and sorting, I was summoned to our Assistant Principal’s office.  In all honesty, I was a little put out with her as I couldn’t imagine WHAT she needed help with at 8AM!  I grabbed my coffee (because I never go anywhere without coffee before 10AM) and rounded the corner to her office.  She was standing in her doorway and one of our PE teachers was standing beside her, filming this exchange with his iPhone.  I knew something was off, but didn’t know exactly WHAT was off.  I could tell she was up to something because she had the strangest look on her face.  Plus, she kept looking behind me while making an even stranger face.  I turned around to see what she was looking at and saw this:skunk

Yep, I walked right past it!  When I turned around, I jumped a little.  The critter was facing the other direction and my first thought was about how it got in here and how I had not been sprayed when I walked by.  Then I realized it was STUFFED!!! Needless to say, Shannon was sorely disappointed that I walked past it without seeing it.  I know you are asking: how does one unintentionally foil an evil plan?  All I can say is that you have to be Jen to pull it off.

This brings up another question: What the heck is wrong with me that I don’t notice a huge stuffed skunk on the floor right next to me??  Ok…..maybe that question shouldn’t be answered.

Happy Friday all!

Here’s to hoping for no more flooding in Texas this weekend!


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