Balcony People and Allergy Panic!

I want to take some time to brag on my coworkers.  I don’t think it is any secret that teachers are some of the most compassionate people on Earth, but they get little thanks for it.

A couple of weeks ago, we started something at our school.  Using a blank wall near the teacher’s lounge, we started writing notes about the good things we are noticing each other doing….and it has been SO MUCH FUN!!  In addition, when a person writes something about their coworker for the wall, they are able to give that person a pass for free jeans.  And EVERYONE loves a jeans day, right?  So this is the wall after barely a week…balloon wall

Spring is such a stressful time in education (in Texas, anyway) and this little wall has lifted everyone’s spirits.  Having your peers notice the great things you do, day in and day out, is a wonderful thing!!

The cafeteria ladies know how much I LOVE cantaloupe.  And when I see that there is cantaloupe in the lunch room, I make a BEELINE to get me some.  Every time, they tell me that they put some back just for me!! (Yes, I still pay for it.  It’s public school – we have no money! LOL)  But it is so kind of them to save it for me 🙂canteloupe

Back to my teacher friends….  There are so many things that happen in a school every day that parents never know about.  Like last week when one of our teachers arranged for cupcakes to be delivered to celebrate the birthday of one of the kids in her classroom, because things at home are not going so well right now.  We have one teacher that buys birthday gifts for some of her most needy (and usually difficult) students…..even after they have moved on from her classroom.  It is not uncommon at all for our teachers to buy shoes for a child in their classroom.  One of my good friends is planning to bring lunch to one of her students from last year because no one ever comes to eat with him.  All this to say that I am proud to work with such amazing and compassionate people!  These are the balcony people – the ones trying to change the world with one positive action at a time.

Now, on to running!  Running has been going REALLY well lately….well, since I’ve been running with John.  John is a really good sport, because I curse at him A LOT during runs.  Thankfully, he has a thick skin and a good sense of humor.  Running at a slower pace actually works…who knew?!?  He assures me that after we have built a good base, that speed will come.  Our long run last weekend was 7 miles and I joked (sort-of) that the run was slower than the labors of all 3 of my kids combined.  It wasn’t quite THAT slow, but certainly felt like it.  I was tight in my hips the next day, but I figured that was to be expected, since it was the longest run I’ve managed since the marathon.  The tightness worked out quickly enough, though.  I feel lucky and blessed to be improving at this rate!  (OK…and thankful for a partner that calls me on my BS and has the discipline to hold me accountable to this training plan.)7 miler

Sunday was a rest day from running, but I had the green light from coach to ride my bike.  I have slacked on cross training on the bike….I had last ridden the trainer on March 5!!  I was able to ride outside and ended up with a 15 mile ride.  I enjoyed every minute, but between the distance, the hills and the head winds, I was worn out by the time I got back home….but it was a good worn out 🙂

For my political history buffs, I live about 1.5 miles from this house and pass by it every time I go for a ride.  Sam Rayburn House

It belonged to long-time Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn.  He got quite a bit done in congress and I have no doubt that he would be disgusted with today’s politicians.  He died in 1961 and Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower and Truman all attended the funeral….in Bonham.  So for those of you who say nothing ever happens in Bonham – here is proof of our moment of fame.  four-presidents-at-speaker-of-the-house-sam-rayburn-s-funeral

So this happened Sunday evening:allergy vial

Those are my vials of allergy serum.  The new ones I picked up a week ago.  At a cost to me of over $600.  The ones that *should* have lasted me 6 months.  Yeah, the one on the right?  BROKEN!!!  Somehow they fell out when Bobby opened the refrigerator.  First, I held my breath.  Then I started hyperventilating.  Then I had to fight the urge to throw up.

So half my allergens are in one vial and the other half are in the other.  I have to take a shot from each vial every 10-14 days.  And reordering generally takes 4-6 weeks, because it is mixed especially for me.  If I were to extend much past 14 days, I would be required to start injections over from scratch.  Which means starting with low dose and driving to get them IN  the doctor’s office until they could be sure I wouldn’t go into anaphylactic shock.

So I called my doctor’s office first thing Monday morning.  They are able to reorder from a new lab that can get all my allergens into one vial (HOORAY!!!) AND turn around is only a couple of weeks.  Plus, the vial that didn’t break has the allergens to which I am most allergic and I can continue taking shots from it until the new one comes in.  #crisisaverted #SOrelieved


Make the choice today to be a balcony person. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



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