Spring confessional

Back at the first of the year, I pledged, in my New Year’s post,  to do all the things that I needed to do to get myself back to healthy running again and KEEP myself there.  Publishing it was a way of holding myself accountable.  For the past 3 months, I have not skimped on strength training.  I’m extremely proud of myself, because this is the area in which I had the least discipline prior to my injury.  And, let’s face it: running is much more fun than strength work or cross training, so this is no small victory.

Back to my pledge.  So I was looking back at my activities on the Garmin site yesterday and noticed that I haven’t ridden my bike since March 5!  I was a little surprised and disappointed by this.  During Spring Break, I skipped a bike ride because my SI joint hurt SO badly that week.  And now that I’m running more I am having trouble fitting it in, but even so, cross training must go on!  I do strength work M-W-F and yoga on T-Th.  So the question of the day (maybe even the year): is yoga strength or cross training; or is it either, or both?  My gut says strength training, but if it can be considered cross training, then I’m not slacking as badly as it seems on my Garmin account.


Something happened this morning….my FIRST run without intervals!!!  It was chilly and about as windy as Winnie The Pooh’s Blustery Day, but IT.  WAS.  AWESOME!!  windy run

Due to time constraints and schedule conflicts, my partner and I chose to run at 5 AM.  And yes, the wind was AT LEAST 20 mph.  But who cares about the wind?? I can’t even describe the elation and excitement I am feeling!!  Running is awesome again! 🙂

I am known far and wide as the Food Nazi, but I have often talked about how I indulge myself when I want.  For example, I had a leftover cupcake (maybe a couple) and HAD to eat it so it didn’t go to waste.  And last night, Bobby wanted fried taters and hamburgers, so that is what we had.  And just in case you are one of those people sitting there in disbelief, here is your proof: red meat

It was delicious and definitely hit the spot!

I had “that feeling” yesterday.  The one I sometimes refer to as “the itch”.  I REALLY wanted to run.  My brain (and my gut) NEEDED to run.  But it was a rest day.  Crazy Jen would totally have gone for a run, trying to hit a 5k race pace.  Sane Jen knows that rest days are important, so to ensure nothing stupid happened, I did this when I got home: pink moscato

No, the irony of using alcohol to avoid doing something stupid isn’t lost on me.  But, hey, I have to keep Crazy Jen in check somehow!

Happy Thursday!


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