I’ll admit it: the treadmill isn’t THAT bad after all

After reading that title, I’m sure that you are sitting in your corner of the world, scratching your head.  WHY would I ever say such a thing??

Turns out, weather in Texas has been pretty cruddy the past couple weeks and Jen has been forced to run indoors….on the treadmill.  In fact, I’ve only been able to run outside once in the last two weeks.  (OK….I’ll admit it’s likely Karma biting me in the ass for posting my sunny post-run photos while the rest of Twitterverse was digging out of 100′ of snow)

Happy, warm, sunny memories
Happy, warm, sunny memories
Aaaaaand today...this time, the white stuff is SNOW!
Aaaaaand today…this time, the white stuff is SNOW!

Back to the TM.  I generally despise any time at all on the TM.  I am MENTAL and running in place gets in my brain.  However, being forced to run indoors has actually helped my recovery.  (Sorry that I didn’t warn you to be seated.)  I can control the conditions (incline, pace) and I am guaranteed a flat surface.  (I have come a long way, but I still have a long way to go…for one thing, I really noticed the slope of the road on my run last Monday.)

Last night, I ran 10 minute intervals (FINALLY!!!).  The run felt good.  REALLY GOOD!  I was apprehensive about the jump from 5 min intervals to 10, but, every increase seems easier.  Hey, I’m a distance runner…what can I say?  As far as the ITB – it is behaving.  I can’t emphasize enough how important the regular strength and cross training has been to my recovery.

In addition to the awesomeness that was last night’s run, it was the FIRST treadmill run that I haven’t sabotaged by accidentally pushing buttons.  I have no idea how it happens.  Well, I have some idea.   I’m usually messing with my phone to adjust volume or change the song.  (Sometimes changing songs via the ear buds is just too cumbersome.)  Add in the fact that I’m terribly clumsy, which means I almost always push some button that either resets everything OR loads a preset workout.  *sigh*  Welcome to my life.  You can imagine my excitement when I FINALLY made it through a workout without derailing my zone.  AND, possibly even more exciting is the fact that I woke up without stiffness or soreness this morning.  #progress

You may have guessed by the snow pic that school is out today.  Once again, Texas is CLOSED!  (They were even playing “Winter Wonderland” on the news this morning.)  The day looked to be starting out badly when this happened:

Lesson: don't read Twitter while filling your mug
Lesson: don’t read Twitter TL while filling your mug

But, things turned around quickly (after sucking up the spilt coffee with a straw)snow ice cream

I’m using my day off to hop on the bike trainer and do some yoga (and maybe even a nap!)

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Spring is coming!


6 thoughts on “I’ll admit it: the treadmill isn’t THAT bad after all

  1. I’m glad I found this. I just bought a treadmill and I live in a really warm place too. I was starting to wonder if only people up north use treadmills and if they were really that bad on a constant basis. I’m glad to hear that they can be beneficial for all those non-snow issues that force people to skip their runs or head indoors. Thanks!

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