Packing bags and Memo’s birthday!

I did something this morning that I haven’t done in a long while….packed a run bag!!  SO EXCITING!!!

Alli’s practices on Tuesdays are from 5:00-6:30. When I noticed that the sun wasn’t setting until after 6, I realized that Tuesdays could be a run day!!  I have been frothing at the mouth, waiting,  since I figured this out, especially since Friday’s amazing run!

I have been debating how to add to my workouts in order to build my base, but without doing so too quickly.  I have considered many options, but an article that I read yesterday spoke about recovery by adding by 2s.  The article suggested running 10 minutes on the first run.  As long as no pain was experienced during or after the run, the article instructed to add 2 minutes running to each consecutive workout.  I have decided to go with a modified approach and add 2 minutes total to my run, by adding one minute to 2 of my intervals.  This should give me some interesting feedback before my next myofascia appointment tomorrow evening.

Ok, I know that cold is relative, but I woke up to this yesterday morning.Weather2

Ridiculous.  I mean, is Mother Nature confused?  I realize it is still Winter, but THIS IS TEXAS!!!  Thank goodness it wasn’t windy, because I wasn’t about to wear a coat!  Today’s low was 31, which is a little more bearable, but still….

Finally, I leave you with my mom, Memo (Mee-Mo), which is what EVERYONE calls her.  Memo

My mom just celebrated her 81st birthday. This photo was taken about a week ago when her church celebrated all her years of service (yes, pink is her favorite color).  She is, hands down, the most strong willed person I have ever met.  I doubt that ANYONE has EVER won an argument with her!  (Yes, she is the reason I am so hard-headed!)  She is an amazing woman, and I have been so blessed to be her daughter!  Happy Birthday, Memo!!!

Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!


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