Flabbergasted Friday (but it’s a RUN day!)

common senser

Lately, I have been bewildered by the amount of common knowledge that doesn’t seem so common.  So why not share just a few of my findings?

  1. 4 (or all) way stops:  This seems a simple concept but every time I stop at one that is occupied by 2 or more cars, confusion seems to ensue.  Is it that difficult to notice who got there first?? Or is it just our society where, after giving everyone participation trophies as a child, a chunk of the population is living under the delusion that they are ALWAYS in first place, giving them the right to ‘cut’ in front of everyone else?
  2. Greater than and less than signs.  I wonder if anyone really knows which is which and how to use them.  But, it is my personal quest to educate the masses.  Remember, the alligator eats the biggest (greater) portion.  And less than always points to the left.  For example, I ❤ NY < Texas (in your mind read I heart New York less than Texas).
  3. Keurig etiquette:  OK, people, Keurigs have been around long enough that etiquette has been established.  In the office (or any other ‘public’ place), it is customary to dispose of your K-cup when you finish brewing your cup of whatever it is you just brewed.  To be honest, I don’t really want to dispose of your K-cup just so I can brew my own cup of coffee.
  4. Fast lane:  PLEASE do not drive in the fast lane if you are going to observe the speed limit.  The fast lane is for people like me, who are always running behind and feel like the speed limit is more of a guideline, open to interpretation.  You make me want to ram you with my car!!  Same goes for the people on one lane roads who won’t pull over on the shoulder to let me by.
  5. Kid drop-off:  I have noticed parents (mostly cheer ((sorry to stereotype)) – there is a cheer organization RIGHT next to volleyball) take up the going AND coming lanes in order to let their kids out at the door.  I understand not wanting to just drop your kid off in the parking lot to be run over by another parent who isn’t paying attention, but MUST you take up ALL the space?  Most people with common courtesy try to park in a manner that creates the least amount of disruption to traffic.

End of today’s observations.  Must talk now of happy things.

TODAY IS A RUN DAY!!!  Last Saturday was my first post-marathon run.  It was OK.  As you know, I had some issues with my right side.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the run to be that great, so I went in with the mindset that I needed to gather information….and I did!!  But this week, something changed.  I think the visit to the myofascia guy cleared up some lingering issues (for now, at least), and I am finding that I am giddy with excitement about today’s run.  I am planning to stick with the 5 min run/5 min walk intervals.  If things go well, I’ll add 1 minute to the run intervals on my upcoming runs.  If things don’t go so well, I’ll stick to this workout for a while.  Never in a million years did I expect that I could be OK with run/walk intervals.  I’ll chalk it up to maturity.  I am getting old, after all!walk break

Just kidding (kind-of)!  Now, there was a time (not too long ago) that I would have considered a walk break to be downright cheating and would have had to have been on the brink of death to even consider it.  I am now embracing walk breaks for all the positives that they bring.  Taking walk breaks will help me rebuild my running muscles without the risk of reinjury.  Walk breaks decrease fatigue in a runner.  Form suffers when fatigue sets in, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to perfect that before taking on longer distances again.  And, as I learned Saturday, walk breaks provide nice opportunities for snapping pics! 🙂

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Flabbergasted Friday (but it’s a RUN day!)

  1. Nothing wrong with walk breaks. Hell I walked a lot in the last few miles in my marathon (okay, bad example!) I am secretly thankful in my runs when a red light stops me. I don’t mind catching my breath for 20 sec. It helps me continue on. And esp if you have an injury, it’s great to park ego and do what’s best for your body. There’s no PB to post, eh?


    1. jenkirk72

      Haha!!! I took MANY walk breaks during my marathon, as well! I have successfully parked my ego (for now) and it is a nice to walk around without it (pun intended)
      PB pics….my nearly 10-year old scolded me for posting pics of my PB jar….so I while I haven’t posted pics, rest assured I am still consuming an inhuman amount!

      Liked by 1 person

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