The Great Christmas Wind-Down

Tuesday morning, my sister, Taylor and I set out to meet my niece for breakfast before seeing the movie “Wild”. (The movie was AMAZING, by the way, and even I cried.  Wiped tears almost the entire movie.  I hope the world isn’t coming to an end.)  We ate at this cute little hippy coffee shop in downtown McKinney, called Snug on the Square.

So cute!  Couldn't wait to go inside!
So cute! Couldn’t wait to go inside!

It was indeed snug inside.  We were able to find a table in the back, under the stairs.  For a moment, I felt like Harry Potter. 🙂

We REALLY wanted to sit at the top of the stairs, where several couches were waiting.  Sadly, the couches were full.
We REALLY wanted to sit at the top of the stairs, where several couches were waiting. Sadly, the couches were full.

It’s important to understand that when people come here, they intend to stay a while.  This was evidenced by the fact that it took over 30 minutes for our order of oatmeal to be delivered (and I THOUGHT ordering oatmeal would be quicker).  Taylor ordered an omelette, and somehow, she had her order within 15 minutes.   I never did get my peach and blackberry oatmeal, because the cook prepared apple cinnamon by mistake (I took the apple cinnamon with a smile on my face, because there was no telling how much longer I would have had to wait!).  It really wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that time was ticking away for us to drive to the movie theater.  Our wait person apologized profusely and we told her all would be forgiven, if only she would take our picture 😉

I didn't crop this photo because you can see the blur of our server's finger at the bottom.  No one was thrilled with how it turned out.
I didn’t crop this photo because you can see the blur of our server’s finger at the bottom. Yes, Laura has dreads 🙂

We put the extra time to good use and filled it with conversation and….gift giving!!  Taylor received this apron from my sister:

Perfect in every way for Taylor!
Perfect in every way for Taylor!

I should probably mention that I have been suffering from some mental short-circuits lately.  I was discussing this with a friend who coined the acronym PMS, standing for Post-Marathon Syndrome.  I think this could actually become a proven disorder!  Besides the fact that I fell asleep at 7 pm EVERY night last week, I FORGOT to put on deodorant Sunday AND Tuesday!  Thank goodness we had mild temps in the 40s or I could have offended someone.  Since getting out for Christmas break on the 19th, I haven’t had a CLUE what day it is.  I’m chalking it up to my body recovering and repairing all the damage I did in the marathon, so I’m doing as little as possible to help along the recovery. 😉

Our plans for Christmas Eve changed last minute.  We were to go to my mom’s for a late lunch, but my brother couldn’t get off work in time.  So we decided to move our Christmas Eve soup lunch to Christmas day soup dinner.  When Bobby found out we would be home for lunch, he was DETERMINED to cook a holiday meal. We loaded up early Wednesday morning to make a grocery run and ended up fixing ham, Brussels sprouts (with cranberries), and garlic-dill potatoes.  I even whipped up a batch of cranberry sauce.  The ham and cranberry sauce were firsts for me and I was quite proud of my efforts.

Our Christmas Eve evening tradition is to attend the Candlelight service at church then head over to my friend Mary’s house for tamales and tortilla soup.  (Mary is Alli’s godmother and one of my oldest friends.)  We look forward to this all year long and our kids would revolt if we made plans to do anything else!

We were just showing off the antlers on our cups.
We were just showing off the antlers on our cups.

Christmas morning was a special treat.  Even when my older kids were young, Bobby and I would have to wake them up EVERY year to see what Santa had brought.  Alli hasn’t been much different, but she does typically wake up on her own and usually by 8.  This year, for some reason, she was especially excited about Santa and woke me at 6:30.  She said she just couldn’t wait another minute!  We woke Bobby, who said, “It’s not even light outside.”  Then Alli went to wake Taylor, who said, “It’s not even light outside.”  And finally, Logan, who said (can you guess?), “It’s not even light outside!”  I thought it was awesome!!  I was reminded of my childhood, when I would stay in bed until 5 am and FINALLY wake my parents.

The rest of the day was spent with family and receiving more gifts that we could ever need or want.  I enjoyed all our family time, but was especially thankful for the time spent with my mom.  She is almost 81 years old and age hasn’t slowed her down much, but it is slowing her down a little.  I think she actually gets more feisty with age, if that is even possible.  At this point, I want to cherish and experience all the “Memo” moments that I can!  She is one of a kind, for sure!

Memo's first (and likely last) selfie with Alli's godmother, Mary.
Memo’s first (and likely last) selfie with Mary.  They ran into each other at Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve.

Hope you all enjoy the last Friday of 2014!

5 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Wind-Down

  1. Suzanne

    I saw you and Memo at Sam’s one day this week. I can’t keep track what day it is either. We passed each other in our cars in the parking lot. We waved but I don’t think you recognized us. Sounds like you had a Very Merry Christmas!

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