Diagnosis: Taper Madness

I’m sure that I experienced Taper Madness last year, but I honestly don’t remember. I spent so much time and energy reassuring my running partner that she would be able to run the race that the taper seems a blur. I remember our last run before our would-be-cancelled never-to-be-run marathon.  I remember that sick feeling when it started sleeting several days before the race.  I remember the tears that came when the inevitable was confirmed. And I remember my partner cautioning me not to rush into a decision regarding future races, already knowing that I would train for Dallas 2014. It was NEVER a question for me.

Instead of coasting off a 16-week training plan, in reality I’m coming off a year and 16-week roller coaster of emotion.  From training last year to having the race slip right out from under me (literally), then becoming injured and not knowing if my body would even be healthy enough to train for this marathon. But I was able to train, and training went really well…up to a point.

Now, some of this could have been avoided. I could have gone down to College Station to run their marathon after they added slots to accommodate the Dallas participants, but, honestly, I would never willingly participate in anything related to the Aggies, and certainly NOT for my first. I could have avoided the recent ITB problems by doing A LOT of things differently. But those things didn’t happen, and as a result I am in my current state of mental illness.

So here’s Taper Madness: Jeff Foxworthy version…..

You might be tapering if:
You are so nervous that you constantly wonder when, not if, you are going to puke
Your family, coworkers and friends are secretly wondering if you may be bi-polar
You cry during Hallmark commercials, even though you haven’t shed a tear in years
You can’t make even the simplest of decisions and when you finally do, you change your mind. (Wait…..that’s me all the time.)
You aren’t rungry anymore
You usually can’t focus on anything, yet now you can’t divert that race day laser beam focus
You think you’ve lost all your fitness and your muscles have withered away
Your body has soooo much energy, yet you are mentally exhausted
You are ecstatic and terrified that your race is now 4 days away!


4 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Taper Madness

  1. LOL. I haven’t had taper madness (yet). My one and only taper was one of “phew…thank God I can rest a bit now!” type of thinking. I had some niggling things that I wanted to heal, so I didn’t get too crazy. But I DO understand the craziness that comes with wanting to run and not being able to (I was laid up for 5 weeks with an Achilles problem earlier in the year)

    The worst part is the rungry thing – I would still eat as if I were running 40 miles a week! lol

    Hope you get through this!!


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