When black isn’t your color

I am certain that my ninja friend 50StateCanuck is shuddering at my title, but sometimes black isn’t the color I want to see.  A couple of months ago, when marathon training was getting into full swing, I was stricken with Black Death Toe.  One evening, a couple of days after my long run, I noticed a monstrous tiny bruised spot at the base of my toenail.  <Insert IMMEDIATE and IRRATIONAL panic here>  I know that many runners take great pride in their black toes, but I took great pride in never having one.  I seriously fretted about this for DAYS (maybe even weeks).  I even took pics every day for two weeks because I wanted to see if it was getting worse. (NO, I will NOT be posting a pic here today.)  Trust me when I say that I overreacted, but if you’ve seen those horror pictures of black toenails, I know you completely understand!

I could not fathom why in the world I would be having this problem at that point in my training.  I had really not changed anything except mileage.  (OK, I know mileage can do it, but I’ve run this much before without incident.)  Since I am an introvert by nature and quite obsessive, I gave this A LOT of thought (and worry!).  But it was in my next long run that I actually formulated a theory.  During that run, I could feel that gravel in the highway pavement through my shoes.  I was getting close to my mileage threshold for them, but had not quite reached it, so they should not have broken down that easily and quickly.  I came to the conclusion that I was not giving my shoes enough recovery time.  I ordered 2 new pairs right away and began to rotate them.

I generally use one pair for the long run and the other pair for my shorter midweek runs, to give them ample recovery time.  I think my diagnosis must have been spot on, because my shoes are comfy and I’m happy to report that I have had no further Black Toe issues.

Why am I posting about this today?  I just removed my toe nail polish that I put on to keep me from looking at (and thinking about) the black spot.  I ended up scrubbing and scrubbing this one place on my toe….then I remembered it was the black spot! LOL  It really isn’t that black anymore and it isn’t big at all; no larger than a pencil eraser.

Obligatory Blog Photo The shoe on the left was my FAVORITE shoe of all time.  The one on the right was my then 8 year old's volleyball shoe, which was 1/2 size smaller than mine.
Obligatory Blog Photo
The shoe on the left was my FAVORITE shoe of all time. The one on the right was my then 8 year old’s volleyball shoe, which was 1/2 size smaller than mine.

And now I can add “Surviving black toe” to my list of accomplishments.  #winning

Happy Tuesday everyone!


6 thoughts on “When black isn’t your color

  1. Ohh man hahaha. I lost my toenail when I was a senior in HS during a soccer game (well first it turned black, then I lost it) and in an attempt to hide the bald toe I painted my skin to match my nails for a school dance. My friends laughed for days.

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    1. jenkirk72

      Haha! Oddly enough, I have heard of people doing that!
      I dod lose a toenail once when I dropped a can of tomatoes on it 😖 but it didnt fall off until the new one had grown in underneath. I’m just glad crisis was averted this time. Lol


  2. I too have pride in not getting the black toe. I don’t want it. I don’t care for that badge of honour, thank you very much! I like my toenails attached…call me crazy. But if it happens, it happens. I know the choice of shoes and mileage do it, but still…

    Glad you didn’t get full conversion there! lol


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