Which Jen will win & Twinkies or Twinsies?

I am registrar and in charge of student records for the elementary school in which I work.  The most tedious part of my job is ensuring that all students are coded correctly so that the district gets maximum funding per student enrolled.  I enjoy it, but don’t get to interact with the kids as often as I would like.  This year is a bit different, though, in that I get to go into a classroom 40 minutes each day and assist with intervention, specifically math.  (I would really prefer to work with reading, because, as I revealed in my last post, my oldest is dyslexic and that is where my heart lies.) Anyway, being part of intervention means I get a small group for benchmark tests.  I’m pretty sure I am the luckiest person in the building because I couldn’t have gotten two boys any sweeter than the ones I had in my group during benchmark testing this week!  Both of the boys in my group are dyslexic, so they get certain accommodations on the test, such as the test questions read aloud and extended time to take the test.

After finishing the test, they were helping me put my office back in order. One of my friends noticed this magnetic schedule on my fridge and said, “Look at that TINY girl!!!  She is so tiny!” And, yes, I laughed until I cried!! (If you are unfamiliar, my oldest daughter is 5’1″, plays collegiate volleyball and yes, we poke fun of her stature every chance we get!)

Yes, Taylor really is THAT short!
Yes, Taylor really is THAT short! (Hint: She is front and center.)

Today, when I arrived at work and greeted our principal, I felt as if I was standing in front of a mirror!  NO, we did NOT coordinate our wardrobe!  The funny thing is that half of the kids in the school already call me Mrs. Fox – this will only confuse them more!!  Since I handle some of the discipline issues when our principals are out, I’m thinking coordinated wardrobe should happen more often – they would never know the difference!

In Texas, we say "twinkies".  The rest of the country saying "twinsies" is wrong.
In Texas, we say “twinkies”. The rest of the country saying “twinsies” is wrong.

New officials in USAV always start in the younger divisions and are moved up as they achieve proficiency .  In my first season, I was calling 11s at a tournament.  One match was between two top teams from a couple of the best clubs in our region (our region is well-known for its high level of competition) so the level of play was very good.  The venue was set up in such a way that parents and spectators were on my side of the court.  After one of the plays, a dad asked his daughter why she tipped the ball over rather than hitting it and her reply was, “It just didn’t feel right.”  I still remember the feeling I had when I heard her response.  I can’t even put it into words: astonishment, in awe, hopeful that Alli would say that one day?  It amazed me that an 11-year-old could be mature enough as a player to know when it “didn’t feel right”.

I’m getting so excited for this upcoming club season because Alli is starting to develop awareness like that.  She is thinking about whether her hitter is a lefty or righty; she tries to set different positions and there is already a strong chemistry developing between her and many of our hitters.  I could bore you with the things that she brings up in discussion after games and practices, but I think only one of the five people who read my blog would understand! (Yes, you Mark!)  All this really means for the lay person is that this is going to be a fun, fun season! Fear the Frog!

Very detailed hitting instruction from our last practice.  Alli actually had to do 10 crunches because she didn't execute as the coach had instructed!
Very detailed hitting instruction from our last practice. Alli actually had to do 10 crunches because she didn’t execute as the coach had instructed!

And now for today’s challenge: Jen applying common sense to running decisions.  I’m still on the fence regarding whether or not to run this evening.  I WANT to run and I feel like I NEED to run, but, guess what?  Even though my calf feels 110% better, I still have a spot on my shin that is sore. Should I lay off another day or two and let it heal a little more? Or has enough healing occurred to make it safe to run? On the other hand, I have my last 20 miler coming up and I want to be prepared for it.  And in the midst of it all, I STILL have that 1,000 mile challenge in the back of my head and I don’t want that skewing my decision-making. (Seriously, WHO am I kidding?!?)  At this point, I have a little over an hour to decide.  Which Jen will win?

Tomorrow is Friday!!


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