Avoiding another crack cupcake debacle

This post should shed a little light on the “cupcake” part of my blog name, and hopefully explain some of the “crazy” as well.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I LOVE cupcakes and look for reasons to whip up a batch or experiment with new flavors.  Around this time last year (when I was training for the marathon I would never get to run – I’ll get to that in a future post) I was asked to bake cupcakes as part of Teacher Appreciation at my son’s high school.

Since it was Fall and I am obsessed with all things caramel, the obvious choice was a caramel cupcake recipe I found.  The cake itself was caramel as well as the frosting.

The evening started innocently…as mundane as any other baking of cupcakes had been.  But after I mixed the batter and got the cupcakes into the oven, the insanity began.  I always lick the bowl.  ALWAYS.  You can go on and on about raw eggs and salmonella and I really don’t care.  It’s just too good.  So, I licked the bowl.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  It was so delicious!  There was not a trace of batter left in the bowl by the time I was finished!

After I regained some composure from the batter-bowl licking sugar high, I began making the frosting.  The base of the frosting was butter, melted over medium heat, with brown sugar, vanilla and cream.  After the mixture cooled, powdered sugar was to be added until the right consistency was reached.  Naturally, I licked the pan in which the base was made.  How could I let that sweet elixir go to waste?  (It might be important to note that, at this point, my stomach was a little unsettled.)  I plowed on, finishing the frosting while the cupcakes were cooling.  I wouldn’t have been a very good baker had I not tried the finished frosting, right??  Of course I tried the finished frosting!!

By the time I had frosted the cupcakes, my stomach was in full-blown panic mode.  However, since I am the Queen of Stupid Sh*t and rarely listen to Rational Jen, I decided that any decent cook would taste test her finished product.  I figured that 1/2 cupcake would be sufficient and small enough not to cause any more problems.  So I ate my 1/2 cupcake and immediately devoured the other half, without any consideration for calories or upset stomachs or anything of that nature.

My "Caramel Crack Cupcakes", as they became affectionately called.
My “Caramel Crack Cupcakes”, as they became affectionately called.

It only took my a matter of minutes to realize the mistake(s) I had made.  I was miserable and sick to my stomach for three days after, barely eating soup and crackers.  As I described the events to my running partner, I told her that I attacked everything like a crack whore.  And that’s how it came to be known as the “Great Caramel Crack Cupcake Debacle”.

I was asked yesterday to make cupcakes, as Teacher Appreciation is tomorrow.  I’m telling this story, in part, to remind myself how horrible I felt so that maybe I can exercise some self control in the kitchen this time around.  But I think I’ll still steer clear of making those Caramel Crack Cupcakes!

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