First post dedicated to firsts

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a LONG time.  At times I would become so excited about things that I could write about.  And then reality would hit and I would remember the problem: I’m not a writer.  But I couldn’t shake that crazy notion.  After a good friend encouraged me to take the plunge, I finally gathered the bravery to step out of my comfort zone.  Here goes nothing…..

My first first…my oldest daughter, Taylor, was born 21 years ago today. SHE IS LEGAL!!! (But her first official drink with me won’t be until Sunday, as she is somewhere in Eastern New Mexico playing volleyball for Texas Women’s University today.) At 5’1/2″, she has proven that dynamite comes in small packages.  Always fun and full of life, there is never a dull moment around her.

One of my favorite pics of Taylor.  Must be ready for snow when you wear your swim suit!
One of my favorite pics of Taylor. Must be ready for snow when you wear your swim suit!

I am introverted by nature, although I have managed to appear, socially at least, to be extroverted.  Small talk is literally painful for me, but I can talk about running or volleyball for HOURS.  Taylor is the opposite of me and the classic extrovert in the sense that she can talk to ANYONE.  I love her spunk, her “won’t take no for an answer” attitude, her genuine love and concern for all less fortunate than her, and the list goes on.  Oh, did I mention she is an amazing volleyball player and coach??  Perhaps Taylor’s Achilles’s Heel is her tendency for collecting speeding tickets or maybe that she is technologically challenged.  Of course, I love her, tickets and all!

Taylor, with her younger sister, Alli.  We were lucky enough to all be at the same volleyball venue!
Taylor, with her younger sister, Alli. We were lucky enough to all be at the same volleyball venue!

And now for my second first….today I ran 22 miles.  My longest run prior was 20 miles. This run was quite an accomplishment – in several ways.  I didn’t feel great heading out…honestly I wanted to hang out at home and drink more coffee!  Temps were upper 40s at start and supposed to be 60 toward the end, so I spent much more time that was necessary on picking my outfit. My pepper spray was empty.  I remember buying a replacement, but could not locate it so I was forced to change my route.  Along my “long run” route, there is one house out in the country with FIVE dogs that are NEVER inside a fence!  They always come full force in attack mode and have attempted to bite me on more than one occasion.  I have gotten quite good with my pepper spray aim and I give them ALL the credit!

Things were pretty good when I finally got out on the run.  I felt sluggish, but found a groove fairly quickly.  The outfit I chose was perfect for the weather.  I chuckled when I stopped at mile 12 at a convenience store and THREE  people commented that they had seen me running on another highway!  They all used the word “crazy” in their description of me.  Again, #compliments !  Then, I had 4 cars honk with people waving and I had NO clue who any of them were!  I struggled from mile 15 on – my ITB was a wee bit cranky and I had saved MY hills, the ones I call “Old Friend” for the end of the run.  I wanted to be tired when I got there so I would have to struggle.  That strategy worked better that I could have hoped.  (Can I say I had hoped that it didn’t work out that well??)  The last 3 miles were made difficult by a very brisk North wind.  At the end of the day, it was a good training run.  And I can now say that I have run 22 miles!!

Happy Weekend!

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